We will start holding meetings with civil society activists

Dear friends, our Swedish-based organization Association Central Asia and its Representative Office in Uzbekistan have set themselves the task of assisting in the formation of civil society in our country. As part of our goals and objectives, we will start holding meetings with civil society activists in all regions of the country.

The meetings will be chaired by Pulat Ahunov, the head of the head organization and Gulnoz Mamarasulova, the director of the Representative Office.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. Mirziyoyev’s idea of “municipalization of politics” plays an important role in our work, because this idea is based on the principle that Man must act on himself to change his life.
Our approach is the same: For society to change, Man himself must change. If a person does not change, society will not change. Your life, your thinking will not be changed by the president. The president has created the conditions for you, now try to change your life!

We invite journalists, bloggers and civil society activists to the event.
We will announce the time and place of meetings in all regions in turn! Follow us!
Contacts: 99899 4747420
Representative Office of the «Association Central Asia» in Uzbekistan