Meeting with Margareta Cederfelt and Johan Büser

Yesterday we had another important meeting in the Swedish Parliament — Riksdag. We spoke with Johan Büser, Head of the Swedish Parliamentary Delegation to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and Margareta Cederfelt, Vice Chair of the Swedish OSCE Delegation. It should be noted that the OSCE is an international organization that coordinates efforts to ensure security and cooperation between states and determines the principles for their development, as well as promotes the democratization of socio-political processes.

We discussed the events that took place in Kazakhstan in January, the current political situation. The situation in Uzbekistan was also discussed with recent events, the imprisonment of several bloggers, support for an independent civil society and other issues.

A meeting was also held yesterday at the Swedish Foreign Ministry. We concluded our meetings with a round table at the Swedish International Liberal Centre.