Problems observed in the higher education system of Uzbekistan were discussed

On October 7, 2022, at the online meeting of the National Council of “Independent Civil Society”, some problems observed in the higher education system of Uzbekistan were discussed.

The main guest of this meeting is Zulfiyakhan Halimbetova, the member of the Council in Karakalpakstan.

During the conversation, the main problems in some higher education institutions today, in particular, the inability to provide students with enough dormitories, as a result of which students, especially female students, are facing problems in various rented houses, topics such as the unsatisfactory quality of education were discussed.

Also, Z. Halimbetova said that on October 4, as a result of a short explosion at the “Maxam Chirchik” plant in Chirchik district, where she is studying, there are problems with the health of nearby residents due to the possibility of toxic substances spreading in the air. In particular, Zulfiyakhan herself had difficulty breathing and damaged her vocal cords for several days. However, the enterprise is not conducting any explanatory work or compensation among the population.