Leaders of Uzbek democratic opposition arrived to Europe

Today, the group consisted of leaders of «Birlik» and «Erk» Parties that arrived to the Swedish capital city Stockholm.

The group was met by «Birlik» Party vice-chairman Pulat Akhun and party activist Anvar Karim. The group consists of the following activists: «Erk» Democratic Party chairman Samad Murodov, «Birlik» Party vice-chairmen Daynov Tashanov and Hamdam Sulaymonov, and chairman of Sirdarya regional organization of «Birlik» Party Isroil Rizaev.

As we informed in our previous news, «Birlik» Party’s Samarkand and Fergana regional organization’s chairmen Khaliknazar Ganiev and Adham Mihitdinov were denied to obtain an exit-visa by appropriate Regional Administrations of Ministry of Internal Affairs on the basis of fictitious reasons.

The leaders of Uzbekistan opposition will visit Sweden Parliament, the Swedish Ministry of External Affairs, and the office of the Europe Union in Brussels. They will also have official meetings in European countries and will introduce them to situation in Uzbekistan and the democratic opposition’s activity.

It needs to be accented separately that this is the first time in recent years of an official visit abroad from Uzbek oppositionists who are leading activity within of Uzbekistan. This trip was organized by the initiative of Pulat Akhun, «Birlik» Party’s vice-chairman on External Affairs.