Activists of Uzbek democratic opposition had a meeting in Swedish parliament

As we informed earlier, the delegation of four Uzbek democratic opposition leaders who are leading activity inside of Uzbekistan arrived to Stockholm. They came with invitation from Central Asian Society, the office of which is located in Sweden.

Yesterday the delegation activists — chairman of » Erk» democratic party Samad Murod, vice-chairmen of «Birlik» Party Daynov Tashanov and Hamdam Sulaymonov and chairman of Sirdarya regional organization of «Birlik» Party Isroil Rizaev together with chairman of the Central Asia Society, vice-chairman on external affairs of «Brilik» Party Pulat Akhun and the rights activist Anvar Karimov met with Tone Tingsgard, leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party’s fraction in the parliament, and vice-chairman of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

During the more than one hour meeting, Mrs. Tingsgard got acquainted with each member of the Uzbek delegation and discussed the economical, political and human rights situation in Uzbekistan

Upon the discussion, Uzbek democrats tried to direct the West’s attention into repressive politics used by Uzbek government against opposition and the activity of Uzbek democrats aiming to change this situation. They underlined that they were leading activity in spite of very hard conditions under dictatorship regime.

They also underlined the current impotence to get official registration of democratic parties, especially “Birlik” Party which moved this issue more forward than other parties. «Birlik» Party submitted all necessary documentations to the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan. But Ministry of Justice denied registering the party on the basis of fictitious reasons. In this condition, the western countries, and especially OSCE must influence the Uzbek government.

Mrs. Tingsgard promised to work close with Uzbek oppositionists’ problems both as a member of Swedish parliament and as a vice-chairman of OSCE. In particular, she promised to appeal to Sweden Minister of External Affairs to demand Ministry’s request from Uzbekistan, which is the member OSCE, information about how it is getting process of registration of «Birlik» Party. At same time, as vice-chairman of OSCE, she will request the same information from Uzbekistan Ministry of External Affairs.